Electronic Submissions Gateway-New Ticketing Interface

ESG will introduce a web interface to submit and access tickets to all ESG users. This new web interface will allow ESG users to submit tickets, view ticket updates, view the history of all tickets (including closed tickets), and access FAQs based on the ticket Request Type.
1. ESG users may continue to send emails to esghelpdesk@fda.hhs.gov to create tickets and receive response from ESG Help Desk.
2. ESG users may also submit tickets directly to the FDA via https://esghelpdesk.fda.gov.
3. Sending an email to esghelpdesk@fda.hhs.gov automatically creates a new account for each “from” email address. If you have previously communicated with esghelpdesk@fda.hhs.gov then your account already exists in the system and you do not need to send another email to create account.]

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