An excellent tool created to preview set of multiple sequences on the fly. It works on eCTD published by KnowledgeNET and eCTD published by any other publishing solution working as per ICH specifications. It uses intelligent, powerful and recursive XML parsing engine of our dossier creation software and provides preview of individual sequence as well as full preview of current dossier (combined output of all sequences). Additionally, it provides full revision history of each document at a glance.

eCTD Viewer, an engine from which eCTD dossier submitter can manage large amount of sequence easily by loading a lifecycle, eCTD documents and folders in local drive and network shared device.

eCTD Viewer Functionality

  • Fast review of multiple sequences on the fly
  • Complete submission history of dossier
  • Visual indicators for life cycle operations
  • Clear presentation of submission metadata
  • Intelligent, powerful and recursive XML parsing engine
  • Load and process multi-region eCTDs
  • Single and multiple sequence view

eCTD Viewer Features

  • Web based application
  • Solution for multiple countries (US and EU)
  • User friendly system
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Compatible with many web browsers
  • Fully compliant with ICH standards
  • Better review of case
  • Better review of product labelling (SPL)
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