In South Africa an eCTD submission is accepted as well as CTD Paper submission so KnowledgeNET is fully compliant with ZA (South Africa) Module 1 Specification, version 2.1 and Validation Criteria version 2.1, will be required by Medicines Control Council (MCC).

ZA-MCC eCTD Software Capabilities

ZA-MCC eCTD Template System have Pre-defined eCTD Template of South Africa (ZA-MCC) as per regulatory specification
Project Management In one project, system can manage all related sequences from sequence 0000 to infinity
Envelop System automatically generate the Envelop as per ZA-MCC eCTD Module 1 specification version 2.1
Documents Transformation Transformation of source documents (MS Word) to pdf format through the system at time of publishing

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