FDA Upgraded Website on 29th April 2019

After three years in the works, the US Food and Drug Administration launched redesigned and more customer-centric website at FDA.gov. “April 29 is the official launch date”.

The new Food and Drug Administration website, which the agency said receives nearly five million visitors each month, will provide the public with health and safety information that is easier to locate and navigate. The spokeperson noted that between approximately 30,000 pages to 40,000 files make up the redesigned FDA.gov site.

“Most URLs will change. Automatic redirects will be established, but users should update their bookmarks”, the spokesperson added.

In addition to helping the public make more informed decisions quickly, the site includes federal regulations, recall information, safety alerts and other regulatory actions.

The redesigned website also provide more visuals and interactive content. It is also be more mobile responsive, important because more than 50 percent of visitors to FDA.gov come from mobile devices. Additionally, the FDA is making necessary changes to make it easier to find content using third party search engines, the spokesperson said.